Saxon Math Sets For Sale


My mom is selling Saxon math sets. They are:

-Saxon Math 7/6: Solutions and Textbook

-Saxon Math 8/7: Solutions, Tests and Textbook

-Saxon Math Algebra I: Solutions, Tests and Textbook

-Saxon Math Algebra II: Solutions, Tests and Textbook

All of the books are in excellent condition. We don’t need them anymore and would love if someone else could use them.

If you’re interested, please drop me a comment below and I’ll put you in touch with my mom. Prices per set range from $20 – $50 depending on the set.



Hello, again!

Hey! I haven’t posted in ages! I’ve been pretty busy and between that and school being out I just don’t post any more. I’ve left y’all hanging. But, I’ve decided to just write random stuff and hope you find it even a little bit interesting.

Well, since I started my jewelry business in May, I’ve been busy doing that. I make jewelry constantly for a couple of reasons. One, I absolutely love making jewelry and it’s my favorite hobby, past-time, relaxer, etc…. Two, because I need to have new products all the time.

Every week I go to my local farmer’s market to sell my jewelry. The first week I made a decent amount of money. The second week I made even more. But the third week, something was wrong with the people! They just wouldn’t buy.😦 It was quite frustrating. Anyway, I didn’t go this past week because, well, where I live it’s so darn windy sometimes you almost get blown over. The last time I went, me and my sister had to hold the tent down and my earrings were blowing away! Needless to say we packed up early, with very little money in our pockets and left. But, I’m going again this next week and hoping against hope that the wind might be forgiving for at least three hours. (fat chance) Read more

My New Business!

Hi Everybody!

I just started my own business selling jewelry that I make online. I’ve been making jewelry for several years now and finally decided to make a website to sell it on.

Check it out and don’t hesitate to give me feedback.

If you have questions, you can e-mail me at

Have a great day,



The group “arthropod” consists of animals that are invertebrates. They have exoskeletons (external skeletons), segmented bodies, and jointed appendages. They have cuticle “shells”. In other words, the outside of their bodies is hard, take for example the crab. Arthropods make up 80% of the living creatures on this planet. They include insects (i.e. beetles), arachnids (i.e. spiders), myriapods (i.e. worms), and crustaceans (i.e. crabs).

Unbelievably, some arthropods’ venom, such as a scorpion’s, can be useful to humans. Many times, the venom of these creatures only is fatal to an already unhealthy person. A scorpion’s venom is a mixture of neurotoxins and enzyme inhibitors, so that depending on its victim, the scorpion is ensured a meal. One type of scorpion, the Death Stalker, has certain toxins which bind extremely well with tumors. It is thought that this could perhaps aid us in killing cancer tumors because the toxins would kill the tumor but the enzyme inhibitors (that come along with the toxins) won’t harm us because we don’t have the certain enzyme that they’re designed to harm. Therefore, this venom might make an effective cancer treatment.

The point is that although most arthropods are not liked by the majority of people, myself included, they are somewhat useful and interesting.

Chordates and Vertebrates

What is the main difference between chordates and vertebrates?

What is a chordate? Technically speaking, a chordate is an animal that has a notochord, dorsal nerve cord, an endostyle, a tail, and pharyngeal slits. A notochord is a cartilage-like rod that goes from head-to-tail on all chordates. Without one the creature is not a chordate. It has many functions, including muscle connection.

The dorsal nerve cord is a hollow tube formed by the ectoderm and is modified in vertebrates to make the central nervous system (spine, brain).

The endostyle is a groove for gathering food and transporting it to the esophagus (your gullet). In vertebrates this transforms into the thyroid.

The pharyngeal slits are more commonly known as gills in aquatic creatures. Lastly, the tail is….well, we all know what a tail is.

Chordate has what is called a subphyla (sub-category) called vertebrate. Vertebrates are all creatures with a spine/backbone. There are two other sub-categories within chordates—those that don’t have spines. Vertebrates include mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. So, the main difference between chordates and vertebrates is that the latter have backbones while chordates do not. They are spineless.😉


You need several things to succeed in business. Personality wise, you need to be organized, driven, and able to set goals and get them done. You need to have vision—what the business will look like in so many years, how you want it. You must be motivated and uplifting in order to accomplish. And you need to have some know-how.

Over the last nine months I have learned a lot about business, from my school course and real life. I have learned skills like marketing, building websites, dealing with people, and so much more from school. And since I was fourteen I have worked at a small business in my town. This has given me a great opportunity to see a small business in action, to be a part, but also to learn valuable skills in dealing with people, solving problems, dealing with stress and time restrictions, getting stuff done well, and also the reward: your pay.

Also, my sister has her own business Read more

Silver Heart Earrings

I love making jewelry, and I decided to share some of my stuff. So, these are earrings I made out of silver earring wire, purple Swarovski crystals and purple beads I had.

The first thing I did was get a silver earring stick (one with an eye at the end) and twist it into a heart shape. This takes some practice. You’ll need a pair of pliers. Then I put the two Swarovski beads onto the loose end and then closed the heart. Next I opened the eye of the purple bead and hooked it onto the eye of the heart and then closed it. Lastly, I opened the eye of the earring hook and placed it onto the top of the heart and closed it. They’re super easy and fun.

What you need:

-A pair of fine tip pliers

-4 small beads (matching)-I used Swarovski crystal, but you can use any you want.

-2 larger beads with eyes to hook onto the heart (an alternative would be to place the bead on an earring hook and create an eye with pliers).

-Two earring hooks

-Two earring sticks (for hearts)

Have fun and feel free to ask any questions…..:)