‘College-ing’: Tip #1

Hey guys! How did your week go? Hopefully fantastic! 🙂

I had an idea to do a ‘doing college’ (hence-‘college-ing’) tip series, every so often. Let me know if you think I should continue these. AND if you have any great college-ing tips, let me know!

Todays college-ing tip is Erasable HighlightersContinue reading “‘College-ing’: Tip #1”


My Top 10 Favorite Songs

This is kind of random, but I thought it would be fun to share with you what I like to listen to and what are my current favorite songs (they aren’t in any particular order). Feel free to let me know your favorite songs!

  1. Rhinestone Cowboy, sung by Glen Campbell (and really all his songs)
  2. Vincent, sung by Don Mclean
  3. Home Again, sung by Ashley Campbell
  4. Scherza Infida, sung by Philippe Jaroussky
  5. Jesus and Me, sung by Glen Campbell
  6. Sky Bird/Lonely Looking Sky, sung by Neil Diamond (from the film Jonathan Livingston Seagull)
  7. A Thing Called Love, sung by Jerry Reed
  8. Any Old Road Will Take You There, sung by Balsam Range
  9. On the Road Again, sung by Willie Nelson
  10. Into the West, sung by Annie Lenox (from the film the Lord of the Rings)

It wasn’t a total waste…

For my first college semester I studied Interior Design. I found out that I really, really didn’t like it, and that instead I love business. So I transferred and fortunately those credits aren’t wasted, they actually transfer as elective credits, which is awesome.

Besides that, however, I don’t consider my design semester a waste of time. I did learn things, and while most I won’t ever use again, some I will. Especially drawing.

I am not a very good drawer, or painter, and so for design of course you have to learn these things. Which is good because I wanted to learn them, I just never did. But now, after a whole 3 months of learning to draw, I finally have the basics and can actually sketch something that looks decent! It’s pretty exciting!

So the other night I was listening to something and I sketched this. It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. I didn’t copy anything but I kinda thought of the desert when I drew it. I then colored it. So let me know what you think! (and if I should keep drawing!).


5 things I….


1. You need R&R!

I never thought of rest and relaxation in the light I do today. After finishing out one semester, studying 18 credits (6 classes) and working a part time job, I finally relaxed. And then I realized that for the past 3 months I hadn’t ever fully relaxed, even over break. Letting go, relaxing, thinking of other things and just doing things completely different from school and work is essential to success in college. Continue reading “5 things I….”

Awesome Beach Vacation!

In July, my family went on our first vacation! We went to San Diego, California! So, on top of being a vacation, it was a beach vacation. It was amazing! I had never seen the ocean, although technically I had, when I was a baby. But it felt like the first time seeing it. It was so cool to hear the waves, see them, see the expanse of the ocean, feel the sand in between your toes, smell and taste the salt. It’s so relaxing.

We traveled for two days, driving, from the northwest of the country through Idaho, Utah, part of Arizona, Nevada and through southern California to San Diego. I have to admit that though it was a very, very long car drive, it was fun because there were so many new things to see. Idaho and Utah were pretty similar to landscapes here at home, but as soon as we reached southern Utah, we hit the red hills and palm trees and cactus. That was super cool! There were both right outside our hotel that night. The next day we drove through Arizona and Nevada. The desert is so hot, it was 106 degrees. It literally felt like a furnace. Even into California, Continue reading “Awesome Beach Vacation!”

3 Years….

Hello everyone! So, sorry for the neglect, but I went on vacation, and the prep, actual vacation, and after-math of getting re-adjusted have prevented my posting. 🙂 But, I am preparing a post with pictures from my vacation and stuff, so hopefully I’ll have that up soon, but you never know.

However, I have a special announcement. A few months ago I realized that I’d had my blog for almost three years, which is pretty exciting, being that I’ve only neglected it about one year out of those three. And I was planning an eloquent post, you know, all shmancy fancy to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of my blog. But! I’m afraid I forgot. Yes, I’ve had a lot going on and although I write down repeatedly in my agenda to post on my blog, in reality, the blog was the furthest thing in my mind and #100 on my to-do list.

So……..if you would all give WordPress a great big three cheers because if it hadn’t been for their notification that yes, I had actually had my blog for three years, I would have passed by this monumental landmark! So, thank you WP! You’re my hero!

Anyway, you basically got the point by now: today (it’s almost over by now, but….), August 8th, is the day that I started this blog three years ago. Makes me so sentimental….

Enough nonsense, I feel like I probably shouldn’t post this because I am writing with a hint of sarcasm, but whatever! I’m tired cause it’s bed-time and hopefully tomorrow I can start working on a vacation post, and hopefully a post on what I’ve been doing (other than lying on the beach….oops! vacation spoiler!), because in a few weeks I’m going to college!!!! How does time sneak up so fast? Or, rather, pass by so fast?

Talk to you all soon!

Myriam ❤ 😀

Recommended Reads: ‘Op-Center’

“A powerful profile of America’s defense, intelligence, and crisis-management technology; Tom Clancy’s Op-Center is the creation of Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik-inspiring this, and other gripping novels.” *from the back cover of Op-Center books by Tom Clancy.*

If you like action, mystery, espionage, spying, or war stories, you should definitely read these books. Even if you don’t, you may want to consider them. I was first introduced to Tom Clancy when I watched the movie “The Hunt for Red October” based on Clancy’s book of the same name. Then I watched “Clear and Present Danger”, which is also based on a Clancy novel. (They’re both great movies, by the way and I recommend them both. The first stars Alec Baldwin and the second, Harrison Ford, both as the same character: Jack Ryan.)

After watching the movies I got the novel The Hunt for Red October from the library. It’s a very good book. It was Clancy’s first novel. It’s about a Russian submarine whose captain and crew defect during the Cold War, and how certain people work to bring about, and others to prevent, WWIII. It can get tedious at times when extensive description of subs or warfare is given, but overall it’s an interesting and entertaining novel.

After reading Red October, I tried reading another Clancy novel, of which he has several. However, I found his other novels to be boring, tedious and far too long for me (most are 800-1000 pages). Perhaps that’s just my personal taste, but Red October is the best of his novels, in my opinion. That was until one day my opinion changed, when my mom got me Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: Divide & Conquer from a library book sale (which are the best, by the way. I love library book sales!) Continue reading “Recommended Reads: ‘Op-Center’”