Three Stories I Would Include In My Autobiography

The first story I would include in my autobiography is my first theater experience, which was pretty awful. I was very little, about five or six. The play was the Jungle Book and I was a monkey. I was in the costume, back stage the whole play, except for about five minutes when the monkeys sang a silly little song. I was very bored and hot. Overall, not a great experience.

My second story is about skiing, my favorite (and only) sport. I live about forty-five minutes away from a small ski resort. Two years ago, when I was twelve, I got my first pair of skis and boots.

However, there was one technique of skiing that I didn’t do: I didn’t throw myself down the hill. In skiing, you must throw your body down the hill in order to ski properly. Your boots, because there are so stiff, hold you so you ski perfect. When I finally did it, I discovered a whole new aspect of skiing that made me feel liberated. That same season I became an advanced skier. This is all thanks to my dad, who has been and still is my ski teacher.

My last story is about my only experience going to school. It was a private Catholic school, and I was playing basketball there (which I wasn’t enjoying that much). I was in seventh grade and my sister was in sixth.  I had five subjects: grammar, Spanish, history, math and science. The trouble was that I wasn’t learning much in my classes except for math, and perhaps science.

Spanish I already knew. My grammar class was boring because we didn’t do much of anything. History was the most fun, but I already knew the material. I took the same history test as the students after two days of being there, and I received a 99% without any studying. Math was the most interesting, but there was a lot of homework afterwards, because the entire class was spent on explaining the lesson, and reviewing the previous one. (I now use the same math program (Saxon Math), the only good thing that came from that experience.) Science was new but not very interesting, especially because the teacher was, well, not great.

Overall, I learned more in one day of homeschool than in one week of public school. So our parents withdrew us after a week and we went back to homeschool. Soon we would start the Ron Paul Curriculum. The whole school experience was not great, and definitely one I will not forget. Between the actual materials, boring recesses and very short lunch breaks, I was very, very happy to continue on with homeschool. I am grateful for that opportunity, because I am now very happy to be homeschooled.

3 thoughts on “Three Stories I Would Include In My Autobiography

  1. Those sound like interesting experiences but the skiing sounds fun. And I definitely agree about the Homeschool vs. regular school, I never was very good at science and history until I started using R.P.C. Hope you don’t mind me asking how old you are.


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