Darwin’s vs. My Autobiography

What would I do different in my autobiography than Darwin’s?

I found that Charles Darwin’s autobiography, although it had some interesting points, was very boring. Most of the time it included descriptions and events that were not important or interesting (at least to me).

When I write my autobiography I will try to make it interesting, and a page-turner. I do not want to write a boring autobiography, especially after reading Darwin’s.

One thought on “Darwin’s vs. My Autobiography

  1. Hello Miriam, I think you have hit the nail on the head when you say “Most of the time it included descriptions and events that were not important or interesting (at least to me). And herein lies the conundrum, what is boring to you is interesting to another, and what is interesting to you, is boring to another. Because we can’t but see the world through anything but or very narrow lens, we infect all that happens with …”me, me always me”. No this is not a criticism, it is an interpretation of the value of being a bit more expansive, as you grow up and join what is sometimes commonly referred to “as the shit-fight that is known as life”, you will have to listen to a whole lot of boring people, who think by virtue of some artificial social status, that what they have to say is interesting, and way more important than what you have to say or think (of course this is nonsense). I would tender, that in order to even think about writing an autobiography, one would have to live an incredibly interesting, hallowed and compassionate life. My challenge to you Miriam is to always have the intelligence, (as clearly you do have) to take yourself out of the equation, no not be a door mat, but remember that the human experience is a shared one, have a little patience, strive in a considerate, well thought out manner towards your goals, AND DO NOT GIVE UP, do just that – your friend across the pond -Dominique


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