Equiano In the British Navy

“What was Equiano’s attitude regarding his life in the British Navy?”

Olaudah Equiano was a freed slave who later become a very influential abolitionist and writer. He was born in Nigeria c. 1745. While still very young he was kidnapped and sold into slavery. He ended up in the hands of a lieutenant in the British Royal Navy. He became a Christian. He was later sold and then re-sold. Equiano finally bought his freedom at the age of 22, in 1767.

While in the British Navy, Equiano regarded his life as nearly perfect. He was very grateful and thought he was extremely fortunate to be there. He wanted excitement, adventure and sea-battles. He got all of this and felt that this was probably the best time in his life as a slave.

2 thoughts on “Equiano In the British Navy

  1. What an strange thing, the slavery. I can imagine this man could be happy in battles, it means that he had suffered a lot previously.
    Well explained, as always.


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