Luther’s 95 Theses and Pope Leo X

“Do you think that Luther really believed that Pope Leo X did not know what the indulgence salesmen were saying?”

Martin Luther (1483 – 1546) was the head of the Protestant Reformation in the late fifteenth century. He wrote the 95 Theses, a series of logical arguments against the sale of indulgences. The document was aimed at the guilty bishops, priests and salesmen.

Sale of Indulgences

Sale of Indulgences

While reading the 95 Theses, it appears to be that Luther believed the pope, Leo X, was ignorant regarding the extent to which the indulgence salesmen were going. Did he himself believe this? I don’t think he did. I think that Luther knew that the Pope was allowing the sales and not doing this in ignorance.

I think that the reason Luther wrote the opinion of the Pope as he did is because he didn’t want to directly attack the pope. He instead indirectly attacked him through the priests and bishops. However, Luther knew that the pope was endorsing the sale of indulgences.

One thought on “Luther’s 95 Theses and Pope Leo X

  1. Luther saw what was happening at the Vatican and so on. There were dark times for the catholic church. I can even understand him.
    Great essay.


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