My Goal-Setting System

Out of all the goal-setting apps and programs that are available online, I chose a paper-based system. The main reason I chose paper is because I don’t want my goals on a website online. I don’t want to pay for a good desktop program, either. I can’t use an app because I don’t have a smartphone. Therefore, for me, a paper system is best.

A paper system of goal setting is easy, mobile (if you don’t have a smartphone) and also more reliable. If you’re computer crashes you don’t lose your goals.

I use 3×5” notecards in different colors. Each color is for a different type of goal: daily, weekly, monthly, etc…. I used a key-chain ring to keep the notecards together. I can carry this with me in my purse, store it easily in a drawer or have it at easy reach on my desk. A paper-based system is definitely best for me, at least for now.

2 thoughts on “My Goal-Setting System

  1. you don’t need a iphone, mobile phone, apps, or any PC’s (personal Computers). and i see your point about that paper and pen (pencil, or whatever), and i see why that you use that. because Electronic devices might have a spying network or the system that is busy spying on whatever you are doing, and if you have it on paper, you can put it on whatever you want it so that it will remind you of your goals.


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