Foxe’s Acts and Monuments: Still Compelling?

“Is the language Foxe used still compelling today?”

Foxe’s Acts and Monuments is an extremely lengthy (500 chapters) work on the history of Christian martyrs. It was written shortly after the death of Queen Mary I of England and was totally critical of the late Catholic queen of England.

According to me, this book is too lengthy and boring for the average person. It is too much book to be spent on the history of martyrs and the constant descriptions and debates can get tiring.

That being said, however, the book’s overall style is not too bad. It is not written in a language that was only for scholars. Instead, it was written for the common person. At this time, the printing press being available, therefore books were now available for the average person, whereas before they were not. However, I can’t believe that so many people were able to get through such a gigantic book, day after day, on the same subject.

Because Foxe did write to the common person, in English, not Latin, I do think that the language is still readable today. What might be repulsive is the fact that you have 500 chapters on the history of Christian martyrs, which is great if you’re specializing in that section of history, but otherwise quite daunting.

2 thoughts on “Foxe’s Acts and Monuments: Still Compelling?

    • Si. El tema de martires no es atractivo a mi. 🙂

      Translation: I haven’t read this book, neither do I know it’s author. But, the topic of martyrs doesn’t attract me, and less because it’s so long.
      Me: Yes. The topic of martyrs doesn’t attract me.


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