Montaigne’s Essays

“Now that I have finished the section on Montaigne, would I read any more of his essays? Why or why not?”

Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) was the creator of the essay and a writer who actually wrote about himself, a novelty at that time (with the exception of St. Augustine of Hippo’s Confessions). Montaigne wrote with a style that keeps you reading except when he gets convoluted in his own philosophies. When this happens you want to throw away the book and never read it again.

It really depends on the topic Montaigne is writing about. If he writes about something he knows very well, it is enjoyable to read. When he starts get long-winded and tries to sort out his own thoughts in the essay, he loses his readers.

Therefore, I would only read more of Montaigne if the topic interested me and if the topic was well known by Montaigne.

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