Small Business Or Apprenticeship?

There are many reasons to start a small (or large) business. I think being an entrepreneur and business owner is great. You feel satisfaction at your success, you’re happy to be doing what you like (hopefully), you can make tons of money if you’re successful and you’re your own employer—you can manage your own schedule and get vacations, time off when you like. The list of benefits goes on….

However, when you are still at a young age, maybe in your teens, starting your own business can be hard. It’s daunting to me, though if I had a good idea I would consider it. Instead of starting your own business, you can get an apprenticeship or a job with a mentor. This allows you to learn the valuable skills necessary for starting your own business in the future. You can ask questions, get experience and maybe even get ideas for your own business. An opportunity like this can even give you experience in the workforce and in a business environment.

I have a great job at a local business where I live. It is not an apprenticeship, but I am learning very valuable skills. Not only am I working in a business environment, but I am also learning the particular job. Depending on my future situation I may start a business or not, but for now I am happy learning all the skills I need to succeed in the future.

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