Hello, again!

Hey! I haven’t posted in ages! I’ve been pretty busy and between that and school being out I just don’t post any more. I’ve left y’all hanging. But, I’ve decided to just write random stuff and hope you find it even a little bit interesting.

Well, since I started my jewelry business in May, I’ve been busy doing that. I make jewelry constantly for a couple of reasons. One, I absolutely love making jewelry and it’s my favorite hobby, past-time, relaxer, etc…. Two, because I need to have new products all the time.

Every week I go to my local farmer’s market to sell my jewelry. The first week I made a decent amount of money. The second week I made even more. But the third week, something was wrong with the people! They just wouldn’t buy. 😦 It was quite frustrating. Anyway, I didn’t go this past week because, well, where I live it’s so darn windy sometimes you almost get blown over. The last time I went, me and my sister had to hold the tent down and my earrings were blowing away! Needless to say we packed up early, with very little money in our pockets and left. But, I’m going again this next week and hoping against hope that the wind might be forgiving for at least three hours. (fat chance)

I’m also maintaining my jewelry website, which, in case you didn’t know, is: http://www.myriamswesternjewelry.com. I had my first order a few weeks ago, which was super exciting. πŸ™‚ All that hard work pays off, you know.Β My business is going quite well. I’m greatly enjoying being able to make so much jewelry and make money off my favorite hobby. What could be better?

So, besides all that complicating sounding stuff, I’m busy having my summer vacation. Biking, playing with my siblings, going in the pool, walking my dog, reading, watching movies, shopping, and…..getting ready for camp!

I’m going to an engineering camp at my local university!!! What is cooler than that? So, I’ll be gone for two weeks, busy going on cool airplane and ferry rides (the camp is based on transportation), building engineering models (and presenting them), playing games, and only the university people know what else. So, yeah, no more posts for at least two more weeks. That’s why I have to stuff you full of information now, so you’re still digesting it by the middle of August. πŸ™‚

Other than that the only thing I can think of that I do is listen/watch/read the news. Mainly the presidential election news. This year’s election is incredible. Nothing like anybody has expected either. I’m totally pro-Trump, so you all know, and I’m loving every minute of this election. Well, actually, sometimes I do get a little tired of hearing pundits and news anchors revolve the same stories day after day. I don’t think I’ve ever watched so much news in my life (and I don’t think I ever will)!

I hope your summers are all going great, they’re not over yet (although the stores already have “back-to-school” sales), and there’s tons of stuff to do before the school schedule begins and we have to ask our brains to be working at least 12 hours a day. πŸ™‚ So for now, goodbye, I hope I didn’t bore you with my lengthy monologue!

-Myriam πŸ™‚



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