300 Followers | 4 Year Anniversary | Why I Blog

Hello everyone! I have been thinking lately of how much fun I have been having writing blog posts and connecting with other bloggers and growing my little blog family. It’s pretty cool to think that 300 people actually care about what I write. It’s both a small and big number at the same time. Small cause growth is always on the horizon, big because it’s like a quarter of my town. 😛

Anyway, it got me started about why I blog. So, I wanted to tell my wonderful three hundred followers and anyone else who happens to read this post, that I appreciate you guys so much and why I blog.

Starting to Blog:

Back in 2014 I started this blog for school. I started an online homeschool curriculum for high school and all the students had blogs on which they would post the weekly essays for the various subjects. It was a really great way for students to help each other out, parents to read essays, and a unique way of gaining confidence in writing (see here for how it helped me).

After 3 years of high school and essay posting (visit my menu and explore my earlier days of essay writing, some of which is memorable, most of which I would like to forget) I graduated high school and started college. That summer I had vague thoughts on how I wanted to blog through college, but once college actually started the stress overwhelmed me and the blog was lost under the mounds of homework.

Then, second semester around, I kinda re-vamped it.

  1. I had learned far better how to manage school, stress, and life (probably the most valuable skill learned in college lol)
  2. I wanted to monetize the blog and make money
  3. I remembered how much I had enjoyed writing posts on baroque music

First and foremost the last six months of blogging have been in the hopes of making some money. I soon learned that it takes a lot of work to make money off of blogging, and far more time than I have as a college student. (any tips? comment below!) But I’ve kept writing. Why?

Why I Love Blogging:

I love to blog because I know that what I write can help, entertain, amuse, or teach people. Maybe only 1% of what I write will have some effect, but even that would be worth it.

I have connected with so many other bloggers and people through Baroque Myriam. It’s really cool to see how you can be friends or acquaintances with someone just by one common link: blogging. Knowing that other people care about what you have to say and want to keep reading is one of the best feelings.

So I blog for you guys. My followers. Because I know that you like it. You support me, maybe not monetarily, but in spirit, and that’s what counts. You guys care about me and my way of saying thank you is to keep on writing. But obviously that doesn’t always carry that message. So today I want to say,


caring, listening, reading, following, commenting, taking time out of your day to look at my blog, smiling, being you, and being part of the Baroque Myriam family. ❤

And if you haven’t yet subscribed, what are you waiting for? Come on and join the family! Leave a comment and let me know you’re here. I love talking to you guys! Want to shoot me an email and chat? baroquemyriam@gmail.com

I really appreciate you guys and knowing that this family can grow more and more makes me even more proud. Don’t forget to SMILE! Love you guys! ❤ ❤ ❤ xxx


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