Another Year….

Hey y’all! Quick little post for you guys tonight….I just wanted to get on here and say that I’m starting my junior year of university tomorrow, which is both insane and kinda nerveracking at the same time. I’ve had an awesome summer–I worked and did some really fun things. My best friend stayed in town for the summer so we got to hang out a ton, and basically it was awesome. I suck at having a regular posting schedule so I’m not gonna say that’ll I’ll try to post cause with school starting that’ll be a fail. But, I do have some awesome pictures from a couple of trips we took to the Tetons this summer, so I do wanna share those ASAP.

I’m totally not ready to start classes again but gotta get back in the groove and that’s what I’m gonna do I guess. I don’t know if you guys are interested in my classes and stuff, so if you are let me know in the comments and I can always post about it. I also kinda wanted to do a ‘day in the life’ or something type vlog video for fun at school, but I have NO freakin idea if I can lol. I probably suck at doing it plus it’s a little awkward videoing yourself in public. But we might do it. Let me know if you’d like to see something like that!

So, yeah, guess I just wanted to pop on here quickly and say hi. I hope your summers were amazing, hopefully, weather permitting, it’s not quite over yet. Hopefully I’ll talk to y’all soon, again. 🙂 Thanks for sticking around!

Love you guys, and God Bless! ❤

9 thoughts on “Another Year….

  1. Myriam, it’s Lani from RPC. I was reading one of your essays to help me understand what I should be writing about in mine and I noticed the sidebar and saw that you’re 19!! Wow! Congrats on starting your JUNIOR year of university, I’m proud of you if it means anything, haha! Good luck with everything!

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