A Treasure For All ~ The Brandenburg Concertos

The Brandenburg Concertos. One of the great masterpieces of Bach’s repertoire and they were unrecognized and un-paid in their day. When Johann Sebastian Bach presented the collection of six works to the man he dedicated them to, Christian Ludwig (the younger brother of King Frederick I of Prussia), he got no thanks and hardly any recognition.

These six concertos were composed in 1721, maybe earlier, and were named, quite simply, six concerts à plusieurs instruments (six concertos for many instruments). It is thought that their happy and light mood was caused because they were composed in one of the happier periods of Bach’s life. He was then the music director in a small town and was enlarging his musical repertoire rapidly. Continue reading “A Treasure For All ~ The Brandenburg Concertos”


Minuet in G Major

This simple piece of music, found in the Anna Magdalena Notebook, is a simple, but beautiful piece of baroque music. Anna Magdalena was Bach’s second wife, with whom he had thirteen children. There are two Anna Magdalena Notebooks, which were compiled by Anna and her husband. The first (1722) is composed of works by Bach. The second notebook (1725) contains works not only by Bach, but also by other composers of that time. Minuet in G Major comes from the second notebook.

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Concerto for Two Harpsichords in C minor by Bach

Concerto in C minor (BWV 1062) is a musical story with both spirit and melancholy. It consists of three parts, allegro, adagio and allegro. It was originally written for two harpsichords, but has been scored for two pianos instead. One of Johann Sebastian Bach’s best known works, Concerto in C minor is among this musical genius’ greatest achievements. Continue reading “Concerto for Two Harpsichords in C minor by Bach”