Origami Rose | Video Tutorial

Here’s yet another origami “how-to” by me. This one’s really pretty! Let me know what you think! And good luck.

Just as an aside, I’d also like to say that if you don’t have origami paper on hand, wrapping paper works very well, and even regular paper does too (not so well, though). The size of paper I use normally is 6′ x 6′. For more complicated origami larger paper, like 9′ x 9′, is better.

Origami Tutorial: Lily/Iris

I got a camera for my birthday and this is my first video with it. The lighting isn’t very good, but I wanted to try it out. Next one I do will be better……

Anyhow, this is how to make an origami Lily or Iris. I am going to get bigger and prettier paper soon and then I’ll do more tutorials. This one is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Enjoy!