Franchise vs. Independent

What is a franchise? Well, some of the most popular ones, and most common, are fast food places, such as McDonald’s and Wendy’s. Other’s such as Lowe’s, Best Buy, Target and Costco sell home goods and such.

All the above stores have one thing in common: each store is part of a larger franchise that has many “sub-stores”. So, whether it’s located in Kansas, or here in Montana, Target has the same logo, the same red letters, the same products.

You can decide to start a franchise branch. Let’s say you decide to open a new Lowe’s in your city. You then talk to Lowe’s, the corporation, and they help you. You don’t have any risk at all, because they help you plan your location, Continue reading


Why would you want to apprentice yourself to somebody or, why would you want to accept an apprentice? Back since time immemorial, there has been the master and his apprentice. Many times we think of an apprentice like those blacksmith apprentice boys, back in 18th century America. But, of course, there have been and are apprentices in all fields and areas of work. From blacksmith to farmer to engineer to entrepreneur, there is a reason why an apprenticeship is a good idea. That reason is obvious: apprenticeship offers a hands-on opportunity to learn that trade/job and get advice from an expert from that field.

Most everybody, without realizing it, has had or is having an apprenticeship. For example, perhaps your parents have a business or your uncle and somebody you know. You work for them or you help them out or you hang out with them. You are learning the ropes of that business. Continue reading

Small Business Or Apprenticeship?

There are many reasons to start a small (or large) business. I think being an entrepreneur and business owner is great. You feel satisfaction at your success, you’re happy to be doing what you like (hopefully), you can make tons of money if you’re successful and you’re your own employer—you can manage your own schedule and get vacations, time off when you like. The list of benefits goes on….

However, when you are still at a young age, maybe in your teens, starting your own business can be hard. It’s daunting to me, though if I had a good idea I would consider it. Instead of starting your own business, you can get an apprenticeship or a job with a mentor. This allows you to learn the valuable skills necessary for starting your own business in the future. You can ask questions, get experience and maybe even get ideas for your own business. An opportunity like this can even give you experience in the workforce and in a business environment.

I have a great job at a local business where I live. It is not an apprenticeship, but I am learning very valuable skills. Not only am I working in a business environment, but I am also learning the particular job. Depending on my future situation I may start a business or not, but for now I am happy learning all the skills I need to succeed in the future.

Robots and Jobs–Employment In 2030

There is great controversy over the development of robots and the fact that in the next decades they may be able to replace humans in many routine jobs. If this does happen, will they really be able to fully replace humans? Will this make us poorer? Will this open up more jobs for humans?

I personally don’t think that robots can ever fully replace humans in the job market. Robots can’t replace people like doctors, politicians, graphic designers, because these jobs use creativity and a human’s intelligence to solve problems.

On top of that, honestly, let’s face it, who wants a piece of machinery to operate on your brain??? Continue reading