My Goal-Setting System

Out of all the goal-setting apps and programs that are available online, I chose a paper-based system. The main reason I chose paper is because I don’t want my goals on a website online. I don’t want to pay for a good desktop program, either. I can’t use an app because I don’t have a smartphone. Therefore, for me, a paper system is best.

A paper system of goal setting is easy, mobile (if you don’t have a smartphone) and also more reliable. If you’re computer crashes you don’t lose your goals.

I use 3×5” notecards in different colors. Each color is for a different type of goal: daily, weekly, monthly, etc…. I used a key-chain ring to keep the notecards together. I can carry this with me in my purse, store it easily in a drawer or have it at easy reach on my desk. A paper-based system is definitely best for me, at least for now.