Awesome Beach Vacation!

In July, my family went on our first vacation! We went to San Diego, California! So, on top of being a vacation, it was a beach vacation. It was amazing! I had never seen the ocean, although technically I had, when I was a baby. But it felt like the first time seeing it. It was so cool to hear the waves, see them, see the expanse of the ocean, feel the sand in between your toes, smell and taste the salt. It’s so relaxing.

We traveled for two days, driving, from the northwest of the country through Idaho, Utah, part of Arizona, Nevada and through southern California to San Diego. I have to admit that though it was a very, very long car drive, it was fun because there were so many new things to see. Idaho and Utah were pretty similar to landscapes here at home, but as soon as we reached southern Utah, we hit the red hills and palm trees and cactus. That was super cool! There were both right outside our hotel that night. The next day we drove through Arizona and Nevada. The desert is so hot, it was 106 degrees. It literally felt like a furnace. Even into California, Continue reading