So What?

Are the two words “so what?” important in writing and reading an autobiography? They are very important. Without remembering these two words when you’re writing your autobiography you are most likely to go off and write things that have no relevancy to your life, the point you are trying to make, or you simply begin writing silly, unimportant events.

The reader must be able to say “so what?” and have an answer in your book. Otherwise, your story will be left on the shelf, if it even gets there. A story must have ideas, stories, etc…that are relevant to the rest of the book and also that are important. “So what?” is an extremely important phrase to keep in mind when you are writing an autobiography or any book.

The Benefits Of Writing An Autobiography

What are the benefits of writing an autobiography?

First of all, they reveal the era in which they were written. Therefore, the reader can learn history through the book.

Secondly, it tells about the author. It tells about how the author achieved something important and how he made his mark on the world. An autobiography can also tell about important people of that era.

Lastly, an autobiography serves the purpose of leaving a legacy behind for future generations. It can leave an example behind of how to solve problems, deal with difficult relationships and accomplish important things.